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Some Protein shakes for kids

Some Protein shakes for kids

Homemade protein shakes for growing children
Home remedies for infant feeding protein shakes
Children are constantly growing and therefore need protein. To ensure that you acquire all these nutrients they need, landlords protein shakes are a good alternative to complement infant feeding.

Some Protein shakes for kids
Some Protein shakes for kids

More beyond the activity which make a child, you need proteins to repair all kinds of fabric. Proteins are fundamental in child nutrition for optimal growth. One of the ways to get all of these properties is through Some Protein shakes for kids.

Homemade recipes for protein shakes is very simple, as base must use foods rich in Some Protein shakes for kids such as milk and yogurt. After that you can add fruits like peach, strawberries, banana, watermelon, melon, grapes, etc. You can also take advantage of the occasion to include vegetables that tend to not be liked by children such as spinach, carrots, broccoli, etc.

In addition to these protein shakes can enrich them even more with dried fruits: almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and dried fruits such as for example raisin grapes, figs, apricots, plums, etc.

To these protein shakes can add, honey, Royal Jelly, pollen, oats and wheat germ to give a touch of power.

If you want to further increase the protein content can add cheese and egg (make sure it is cooked, to prevent contamination by salmonella).

These protein shakes can be an excellent breakfast and lunch to complement proteins that children can eat lunch or dinner.

Remember that food is essential to ensure the full potential of growth and development of children.

Protein shakes for kids

Special infant food: recipes for homemade smoothies for worried mothers

Protein shakes for kids
Protein shakes for kids

Protein shakes for kids

One of the most typical queries of mothers when they go to the pediatrician is that starts with "my child" and just by "don't eat me". It is not that children don't eat, but that they tend to eat less of what mothers believe that they have to eat.
The first thing I usually do is see what relationship weight / size of the child, or know is evolving the weight, because if you eat little (or nothing), but is well increasing weight, the problem will be surely of the expectations of the mother, while if the weight is not correct or is falling, it remains to be seen what causes.
In any case, is certain that some healthy children begin to eat solids a little late (about two years) and are not very friends of the crushed. For children as well, which you may want that few foods that have a high content of calories, you may use smoothies, which tend to be well accepted and can form part of a completely balanced diet.
We then see some recipes for smoothies home, for those mothers who worried about their children eating live, for the reason that is, (our second son, for example, did not begin to swallow solid foods last up to two years, the crushed not just you like, so we had to look for solutions of this type... as I say)(, they are a minority, but sometimes...).
Make a smoothie has no great secret. Put the ingredients in a bowl and beater in hand, we are crushing it everything until you get a liquid or near liquid consistency.
As there isn't much to explain, I will give you the ingredients and then will bring data on the Kcal that brings every shake and the percentage of carbohydrates, Protein shakes for kids proteins and fats containing each one. As you can see, they are a few rates very close to what is recommended in a balanced diet. (55-60% carbohydrates, 15% protein, 25-30% fat).
Recipes containing ingredients such as yogurt, petit suisse, almonds, etc., are recommended for children who have already tried these foods, i.e. from the year or even from the two years (nuts tend to give to eat from the 2-3 years).
Beaten landlord of banana and chocolate
The ingredients to make a beaten home flavored with banana and chocolate are:
A banana yogurt.
Chocolate cream.
10 grams of crushed powdered almonds.
10 grams of powdered milk, not necessarily of baby (1 tablespoon).
It's a milkshake which provides 384 Kcal, containing 14% protein, carbohydrates 55% and 31% of fat.
It is not likely that a child take it is integer (or Yes, go to know), but if it happens, keep in mind that this number of calories might pose, in some children, almost half of the calories you need in a day: If then you don't have hunger until after a few hours, would be rather normalisimo (warning that applies to all recipesclear).

Some Protein shakes for kids

Beaten landlord of banana and strawberry with Marie biscuit
To make a beaten home of banana and strawberry cookie Maria (delicious, by God), we need:
A strawberry yogurt.
A banana.
Two galletas Maria (10 grams).
20 grams of almonds crushed into powder.
10 grams of milk powder (1 tablespoon).
This milkshake brings 385 Kcal and contains 14% Protein shakes for kids protein, 50% carbohydrate and 36% fat.
Beaten landlord of Strawberry and Marie biscuit
some Protein shakes for kids
some Protein shakes for kids

To make a beaten home of Strawberry and Marie biscuit, which of the three is the most recommended for younger children (starting from 15-18 months), when they tested the strawberries, we need:
Two petit suisse of strawberry.
3-4 strawberries (60 grams).
4 Maria cookies.
This milkshake brings to the child, if integer, 288 Kcal takes it and contains 15% protein, carbohydrates 51% and 34% of fat.
And in a few days, three more
Within a few days we will bring you three recipes with the same characteristics: home, high in calories, with healthy ingredients and very correct percentages of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
One thing before the end, if they come out very thick, you can add a little milk until you succeed the consistency that appear more correct. This will be to increase the amount of batter, to increase the calories and decreasing the chances for a child by himself a milkshake to go. Nothing happens, because we know that children should never force them to eat (one of the wisest phrases that I remember from my father is that: "force, never").