jeudi 3 avril 2014

Protein shakes for kids again

Protein shakes for kids again

Protein shakes for kids again
Protein shakes for kids again

The aroma of vanilla protein Smoothie

At home we make much sport and care much about food and health. The protein is one of the three basic elements that our body needs along with carbohydrates and lipids. Its main function is the creation and repair of muscle tissue. A very simple way of Protein shakes for kids again consuming protein after exercise is to take them in the form of shake. In we have long published shakes, for example the strawberry and Banana Smoothie or orange milkshake. However today, I will present a different smoothie. Want to know more?

There are theories that say that proteins should be taken before exercise so the muscle is prepared to work and there are others who say that they should be after exercise to repair muscles. In any case, proteins are essential to having a good muscle mass and not we consume sparingly or overdo it, since it could be detrimental to our health.

To carry raw egg, I recommend to prepare this Smoothie in the months of autumn and winter, the summer heat is the best friend of Salmonella.

It's a smoothie you are going to prepare in 3 minutes exactly: 1 minute to check the ingredients in the beaker, 1 minute to crush and 1 minute to scrub the thermomix. So fast! It's that easy! Do you fancy them?
Protein shakes for kids again
Ingredients (500 ml)
1 egg

400 ml milk (whole or semi-skimmed)

3 large tablespoons of sugar

2 small teaspoons vanilla powder (according to each brand follow what you indicate the manufacturer)

Put all ingredients into the beaker and blend 1 minute, progressive speed 5-7-10.

We must take it immediately since it takes raw egg.